9th Feb


Obesity is an increasing problem in the world. It is belived that obesity is a risk factor for heart problems, cancer, stroke and many more. You surly heard about the latest good medicine that helps controling your weight. How you can get it in Ireland.

If you have medical card you can get it for free when you meet some HSE special demands. 

  1. Your GP, after medical examination, needs complete a special, very detailed aplication form about your condition available on line. (40 min of working for GP)
  2. Your, the fresh blood tests ( dated up to 3 months) will be assessed by a HSE doctor who checks if you meet the criteria for this medicine
  3.  Here, there are a few of them:
    1. BMI >35 kg/m3
    2. plasma glucose level > 5.5- 6,9
    3. HbA1C 42-47 mmmol/mol
    4. fasting cholesterol >5 mmol
    5. Systolic BP >140 
    6. and more
  4. If your GP can see that you do not meet above criteria or HSE doctor rejects your aplication you can try to get it privately. 
MC card notice
31st Jan

Important information for patients with Medical/GP Visit Card

Medical Card does not cover your all medical assisstance that you can get from your GP in Ireland. Please be aware of the list of medcial service that are payable for you even when you are a holder of Medical Card /GP visit card.  

16th Dec 2023

We wish our patients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our Christmas opening hours:

Christmas Day 25.12.2023: Closed

St. Stephen's Day 26.12.2023: Closed

Wed 27, Thur 28, Fri 29 Dec open as usually 

New Year's Day 01.01.2024: closed

On holidays please call ShannonDoc Out of Hours GP service

ShannonDoc Phone: 0818123500

cancer ribbon
7th Dec 2023

You are healthy when your are medically tested

One in two people in Ireland will develop cancer at some point in their lives, and cancer is now one of a leading cause of mortality in Ireland according to Irish College of General Practitioner (Forum vol40,2023). 

The early stage of cancer is often asymptomatic, non-specific and painless. The only regular checkup of your health, under professional supervision, will help you to avoid sinister scenario in your life. There are many fast tracks of investigaions offered in Irish Health Care System regarding cancer as well as there are various kinds of investigations for specific kind of cancers available in your GP surgery. 

Contact your GP if you are interested in having cancer screening.  

Read more: How to avoid cancer

breast check
1st Dec 2023

Check for cancer

Are you 50+ ?

If you are a female 50+ you are eligible for free Breast Check (mammography). Registration online(More: Breast Check)

If you need an assistance with registration for the Breast Check Programme , please call our reception

running nose
14th Nov 2023

Rapid test for COVID/flu and RSV in one for quick diagnosis! Feel safe.

Rapid test is a modern antigen test available for our patients that let us know quickly if you have COVID infection, RSV (quite common among children) or flu. 

Benefits of the rapid test:

  • cheaper than in any pharmacy in Ireland
  • quick result  
  • based on nasal swab only (easily accaptable for children)
  • help to avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatment
  • very sensitive (accuracy over 98%)
  • will help you to protect your family and your co-workers  more efficiently if we know a germ of causing your symptoms.

Please note that if you have symptoms of infection as fever, running nose, cough, sore thrat you can be asked to have diagnostic test for COVID before visting our doctor or nurse. If your symptoms developed just before your appointment, please, let us know before you have contact with our staff. 

Please note: Rapid test is not covered by Medical Card. 




3rd Nov 2023

Why is your GP regular visit scheduled for 15 minutes only?

This is because many people need your doctor advice on the same day. 15 minutes appointment is usually enough time for doctor to find out what your medical problem is. However, if you feel that you have more than one problem to discuss, please let us know in advance in our reception. Some of your questions can be sorted out at our secretary level. Some health problem may need one more appointment.  Remember,  when your GP spends more time (more than 15 min) with you, the waiting time of other people scheduled after your appointment is getting longer and longer and in the end of the day the delay of your appointment can reach 60 minutes or more! I am sure that you understand the situation because you would not be happy to spend 60 minutes in our waiting room before seeing your doctor. Therefore, we would highly appreciate your liaise regarding this issue and please let us know while making an appointment if you have more medical issues to discuss with your doctor. 


forest walking
31st Oct 2023

Just 20-25 minutes of daily exercise may offset death risk from prolonged sitting

  • Just 20 min of daily brisk walking can protect you against many health problems. You can do it:

read more


27th Oct 2023

Local Injury Units (LIU's) at the Bank Holiday weekend


St. John’s LIU will function from 8am to 7pm each day over the Bank Holiday weekend taking ED and self-referrals.


Nenagh and Ennis LIUs will be open from 8am to 8pm each day over the Bank Hoilday weekend taking ED and self-referrals.

visit card
25th Jul 2023

Extension of Doctor Only Visit Card

The government recently announced the expansion of free GP care to all children under the age of 8 and to housholds earning below the new median income threshold. Eligble current practice patients can apply in the coming months as follows:

*If your child is aged 6 or 7, you can apply online for a Doctor Visit Card from 11th August 2023.

*If your household earns below the median income (€47,000 per year after deductibles) you can apply online for a Doctor Visit Card. The extension of free GP care on income grounds will take place in two phases, on September 11th and November 13th.

tick test
19th Jun 2023

Test a tick

Did you have a tick bite? You can check your tick for tick borne diseases.

Remove the tick carefully and in full (if possible). Please put the tick (living or dead) into a sealed plastic bag or a clean jar. Bring it to our surgery. We can send the tick to the laboratory for analysis:

Option 1: Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, Borrelia miyamotoi.

Option 2: Tick Screening (Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, Borrelia miyamotoi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Rickettsia, Babesia, Bartonella).


22nd May 2023

Rapid Heart Assessment (only 30 min)

We feel that every chest pain should be seen by doctor as soon as possible. If you have Medical Card you can go to hospital directly without referral letter from your GP.  

However, if you value your time we offer rapid assessment of your heart in our surgery (ECG, troponin, D-Dimers, doctor's examination - not covered by medical card) to spare your time and in this way you can avoid sitting all night in busy Emergency Department. Sick leave to work and to Social Welfare on request.