Tick management

Our clinic offers diagnosis, treatment and holistic care of patients with Lyme disease.

We help patients to restore the quality of their life.

Before making an appointment, please make a questionnaire which helps to assess the probability of Lyme Disease.

Download the questionnaire:

PDF icon Horowitz Lyme Disease Questionnaire.pdf (English version)

PDF icon Kwestinariusz Horowitza w PDF.pdf (Polish version)

Our doctor

Dr Jacek Sulmowski, medical and family doctor, member of ILADS  (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society)

I decided to take an interest in Tick Borne disease as a very dynamically developing field of medicine.  This is a very complicated, challenging part of medicine. A doctor needs to open his mind to new achievements and researches in various branch of medical fields that have yet not been in the scope of traditional medicine so far e.g.  naturopathy, integrative, functional medicine phitotherapy, probiotic therapy etc.

Why diagnosis is difficut?

Lyme disease is known as the great imitator and It can mimic a broad range of other diseases.  You can suffer from chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, tingling numbness, headache, memory and concentration problems etc.  your doctor can suspect the several diseases that can give similar symptoms.  Actually, patients with Lyme disease can have about 35 different symptoms at one time that are difficult to allocate to one disease.

Proper tests

Testing for Lyme disease can be very challenging – in fact, many patients receive several false negatives before being correctly diagnosed. To avoid misdiagnosis, it’s critical that you identify your symptoms and are tested by a doctor as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we often need to use a laboratory in Germany or Poland to get a full bunch of necessary investigations.


The ticks that carry the pathogen of Lyme disease can harbour many other organisms, some known to cause serious human disease. For patients who suffer these infections in combination with Lyme, illness can be especially severe. These infections don’t respond to all antibiotics used against Lyme disease. That’s why the treatment requires a few courses of antibiotics at the same time. Additionally, Borrelia lower your immunity, we need not only to kill bacteria effectively but improve the immunological defence system that collapses due to long lasting infections.  


There are 3 stages of Lyme:

Stage 1: Early infection (first few days after infection)
Stage 2: Infection spreads (days to weeks following infection)
Stage 3: Chronic Lyme (days to weeks after infection if left untreated, or not properly treated, for months/years after infection)

I was bitten by a tick. What next?

Once you find a tick, carefully remove it as quickly as possible. Save the tick in a baggie or pill bottle and take it to our surgery for further testing!

You can come also to our GP who can remove a tick.