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I was bitten by a tick. What next?

Once you find a tick, carefully remove it as quickly as possible. Save the tick in a baggie or pill bottle and take it to our surgery for further testing!

You can come also to our GP who can remove a tick.

It is good to know that not every tick must be infected with Borrelia. However, we never know if this particular tick that bite us was infected. If we noticed the typical rash on the skin, we can recognize Lyme Disease and then relevant antibiotic treatment is obligatory.  Unfortunately, the rash can develop in only 30-50 % of contaminant people. The rest can miss the rash easily or the rash will not develop at all. That’s why decision about antibiotic treatment is sometimes not easy.

In this situation it is very helpful to double check the tick body for Borrelia present in it. It is very easy to arrange this test if you bring this dead tick to our surgery.  We will send it to pathology and have an answer within one week. In this way we can avoid chronic antibiotic course with all potential adverse consequences.

So save the tick and bring it to our surgery for further testing!