Diabetes? Heart problems? Asthma? etc . New program for Medical Card patients in our surgery.

Who is the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Programme for?

The programme is for people who have a medical card or a GP visit card in our surgery and are at high risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthama, stroke etc or they are suffering from these illness. You will be invited to join the programme based on your age and illness.

How do I register for the programme?

If you are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure etc our GP will ask you to confirm that you want to take part in this programme. Your GP or practice nurse will set up a review with you and register you for the programme and relevant blood test.

How does the programme work?

The programme is free and includes one or two set review in every 12-month period. Each review includes one visit with the practice nurse followed by a visit with your GP if necessary.  The purpuse of the program is to assess your  health risks, your current medicine and goals of treamtent in future. 

More information you can get in our secretary.