In our surgery we offer immunotherapy – Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

The medication is taken by placing it under the tongue for one or two minutes before swallowing. The first dose of SLIT is taken at the surgery and then it is administered at home and without direct medical supervision.

Immunotherapy is a safe form of treatment for allergic rhinitis, either seasonal (spring/summer – tree or grass pollen) hay fever or perennial rhinitis (all year round – commonly house dust mite). This involves a course of treatment given to promote the body’s tolerance and reduce allergy symptoms caused by a specific allergen.

Allergen immunotherapy will:

  • reduce symptoms significantly
  • reduce the amount of medication needed for comfort and relief
  • reduce nose and chest sensitivity to allergen irritation
  • reduce the risk of developing other allergies (especially important in young children with, say a dust mite allergy, where there is concern that pollen, mould or animal hair allergy may also develop in time)


The following types of allergies can be treated using SLIT:

  • grass pollen allergy
  • tree pollen allergy
  • cat/dog allergy
  • House Dust Mite allergy