Allergy tests

We offer allergy testing in our clinic:

  • skin prick tests (inhalant and food tests)
  • modern pain control methods for kids
  • blood tests (inhalant and food tests)

Skin prick alergy test is the best option (economical/very sensitive) for diagnosis :

  • allergic rhinitis, runny nose, chronic sneezing, chronic nasal discharge;
  • rhinitis, tearing, itching and redness of eyes
  • asthma (wheezing, persistant coughing, recurrent shortness of breath;
  • chronic sore thorat

Skin prick test are also used for food allergy:

  • allergic and chronic skin problems .
  • eczema, hives, itching of the skin

Basic (obligatory/most common allergies) set of Inhalant 12 allergens - €160

(including: mites at home, dog & cat's hair, moulds at home, grass & trees pollens, feathers mix)

Second optional set of Inhalant 12 allergens - €80

(Hazel’s pollen, Alder’s pollen, Oak’s pollen, Plane’s pollen, Timothy grass’ pollen, Hamster, Guinea pig, Rabbit, Horse, Cockroach, Plantain’s pollen, Goose foot’s pollen)

or single extra allergen - €15


Basic (obligatory) set of Food 12 allergens - €160

(Cow’s milk , Egg’s white, Egg’s yolk, Wheat flour, Corn flour, Soy flour, Carrot, Tomato, Strawberry, Peanut, Hazelnut, Cocoa)

second optional set of 12 Food allergens - €80

(Rye flour/Barley flour, Potato, Celery, Banana, Apple, Peach, Orange, Kiwi, Walnut/Almond/Cashew, Pork, Chicken meat, Cod/Tuna/Salmon)

or single extra allergen - €15